Bali is so much more than a holiday destination – it’s a state of mind. A forest paradise located just off the Sunda Islands, Bali truly has something for everybody: beaches, water sports, ancient ruins, wildlife-filled jungle, and friendly welcoming people. The nation’s capital, Denpasar has become a vast metropolis that has never forgotten its roots, with frequent festivals emphasising the interconnectedness of all citizens and travellers. It’s not unusual to see streets shut down for impromptu parades or island-wide celebrations such as the Nyepi festival, the Bali Sprit Festival and Ubud Food Festival – joyful events that are just part of everyday life for the locals. Bali is part of ‘The Coral Triangle’, and there is a wealth of wildlife and nature around every corner. Visit the deadly dragons of the Komodo National Park, or make friends with a few monkeys along the Sekumpul Waterfall Trek. For a sense of traditional Balinese life, visit Penglipuran Village, which is world famous for its Luwak coffee – the most expensive coffee beans in the world. However, it’s worth googling the secret of its production before you try some... If you’re looking to relax and reconnect, stop off at the town of Ubud, which was made famous by the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love. ’ Or you could simply spend your time on one of Bali’s many stunning palm-fringed beaches, watching the fishing boats along the horizon. Bali is a place where life is lived to the fullest, and joy is woven into the soul of the population. One trip is never enough.